BIMA is the bridge between education and the digital industries


How could your University build better, simpler, more productive commercial relationships with digital agencies or their clients? How could you ensure your staff and students hear about new agency opportunities first?

BIMA is the bridge between education and the digital industries. Through our countless events & initiatives, you, your students & your staff can connect, learn and spotlight with the UK’s leading digital and tech professionals.


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Connecting universities with agencies

Connecting each university with industry leading digital/tech businesses, giving unique insight to students about what to expect post-studies in the digital & tech world, and knowledge to staff to help them better prepare students for their future.

Exclusive events and workshops

Access to 100+ events, workshops, sessions & more that expand your networks and knowledge of the industry

Speaking opportunities

Opportunities to spotlight your staff with speaking opportunities and initiatives that showcase the talents of your students

Exclusive industry insights and reports

Access to exclusive insights and reports that can better inform your teachings

BIMA’s Education Council

Opportunity to be part of BIMA’s Education Council, allowing you to meet with fellow education professionals to help shape universities’ positioning to the digital industry

Exclusive learning resources

Access to exclusive learning resources in various forms, including in-person workshops across the country, online learning courses & downloadable content, covering everything from creativity to data and beyond.

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