BIMA Awards 2022 Transforming UCL's employee experience

Produced by: Foolproof, a Zensar company Produced for: University College London (UCL)


Transforming UCL's employee experience

Foolproof and Zensar worked with University College London (UCL), one of the most esteemed educational bodies in the world, to design and build a new employee experience platform for managing HR and administrative activities, such as booking annual leave or updating personal details.

Staff members found the existing platform unintuitive to use. Simple tasks often needed PDFs or explainer guides to aide completion without errors, as well as signing into a local VPN to gain access. This resulted in additional time and cost being invested and unforced errors creeping into what should be a smooth process. Among employees this caused frustration and detracted from their wholesale experience of the University.


As such, we created a flexible progressive web app platform (across mobile, desktop and tablet) for hosting admin activities, such as booking annual leave or updating personal details that’s saving the University millions, and improving the wellbeing of staff and students.


Best Digital Transformation: Silver

Get to know the Foolproof team

  • Senior UX Consultant: Erin Giles
  • Senior UX Designer: Keisha Ferrell
  • UI Designer: Matt Dix
  • Enterprise Architect: Sushant Samant
  • Delivery Manager: Ashish Kumar
  • Principal UX Designer: Alix Craig
  • Client Partner: Salma Yousafzai
  • Head of Digital at UCL: Samantha Fanning