Tips for legal marketing growth in 2021

By Hitsearch
17 Feb 2021

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of many law firms, as many of the traditional marketing channels, like networking and events, simply disappeared overnight. See eight growth tips below that can help legal marketers to up their game this year.

Content marketing aligned across all of your digital platforms gives a strong message

A strategy using SEO activity that targets every important segment of your audience will encourage growth

Cohesive social media planning and promotion will not only help bring in qualified leads but also helps with brand advocacy from your own staff

PPC activity, targeting the 20% of people who regularly click on ads rather than organic results, can be great as part of your wider law firm marketing strategy.

Use retargeting and remarketing as part of your lead nurturing strategy to bring people back when they are ready to proceed with their claim or case

Utilise brand stories, case studies and data with a digital PR strategy to boost brand awareness and increase backlinks to your website

Make use of the key people working in your firm to show your expertise and specialisms

Benchmark your competitors to help indicate success for your strategy, at the same time as highlighting opportunities for your legal brand.

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