Tim Smith – Global Auto & Mobility Director at Ustwo

By Rachel Johnson
18 Jan 2019

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UX and Design Stars Finalist

1. Describe how it felt to be named as one of the BIMA 100…

It was a surprise at first – originally I thought I must have been mixed up with another Tim Smith, since it is such a common name. Once it was all confirmed, I felt incredibly lucky and proud. Certainly a career highlight for me.

2. What’s the single biggest impact being part of the BIMA 100 has had on you?

Being apart of BIMA has given me more confidence in what I do and as such opened more doors for me – ranging from speaking at Web Summit and Mobile World Congress, to meeting with new and exciting clients in the auto and mobility industry… not to mention attending some of the great events BIMA holds.

3. How have you benefitted from interacting with other BIMA 100 members?

I met some fascinating people during the BIMA 100 ceremony is summer of 2018, some of whom I now consider friends. Fellow BIMA members have given me career advice, helped improve my skills and general just been good fun.

4. Complete the sentence: I would recommend nominating someone you know for the BIMA 100 because…

it can give them the recognition and confidence they need to do some remarkable things.

5. Complete the sentence: Being a part of the BIMA 100 has been an invaluable experience because…

it has helped further my career in ways only an organisation like BIMA could do.

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