The Vital Role Of Website Optimisation For The Financial Sector

By Ultimedia
07 Dec 2023

Investors anticipate seamless online interactions with the firms they engage with. Overlooking website performance can jeopardise both brand reputation and revenue potential. A successful website must ensure accessibility at all times, particularly on mobile devices, given the widespread use of smartphones globally.

Surprisingly, ineffective websites are a common theme in this sector. Surprisingly, a staggering 84% of top global firms were found to have ineffective websites, with notable names like SEI, PIMCO, and Lord Abbett & Co scoring poorly. Over 92% of investors rely on mobile devices for internet access. The transition from desktop to mobile has heightened expectations, with users increasingly abandoning sites that take too long to load. To remain competitive firms should be creating quick and smooth user experiences. However the majority of this sector are found to neglect the significance of site speed, exposing weaknesses in design and development practices.

The current buzz in the financial industry revolves around digital transformation, and is set by substantial digital investments in various sectors. Discover the digital trends shaping the landscape for key industry players in this asset management digital transformation report.


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