The Problems Still Plaguing Publishers in a Mobile World

15 Dec 2017

According to research done by Meetrics, the proportion of banner ads that met the minimum viewability guidelines was only 52% in the UK for Q3 2017.

As mobile accounts for over half of all display ad spend and mobile has lower viewability rates compared to desktop, optimising for mobile is more important than ever.

Obviously, the smaller screen size can mean more page scrolling and, thus, more chance of ads being missed lower down a page, plus slower network connection speeds can cause ad loading delays. There’s also the legacy issue of desktop ads served on mobile Anant Joshi, Meetrics

This video demonstrates the problems Publishers still face, but will often deny they need to address, with regard to optimising content for mobile devices.

We share a typical user experience using facts from real world tests on popular news sites.

It’s clear that websites that have been adapted for mobile devices, providing optimised content which appears instantly regardless of screen size, equals better user experience and increased revenue.

Optimised content + Fast loading time = Better user experience and increased Ad revenue

Further reading which highlights the need for publishers to wake up and smell the problem

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