The Leeds rebrand debate

By Ben Gross
14 Mar 2018

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The controversial new Leeds logo and the outcry against it has left me conflicted. I love sport and I’ve been working with brands, including sports teams for 15 years. So, I thought I’d comment.

There is almost universal dislike of the logo. However, I like the concept. It’s bold and strikes an anti corporate cord. It is almost a rally cry for fans who feel disenfranchised; Something all football followers can relate to. Its message of standing for something and being different, could galvanise the club.

The old logo was definitely due an upgrade, the design elements were inconsistent and poorly set, but it had a sentimental quality. The white rose told a story of the strong Yorkshire identity that Leeds associate with. It is also tied to a successful era where fans memories and feelings are forged. It’s clear by the backlash that there was a passionate feeling for the old logo.

Keeping this in mind I think the new logo misses the mark. The aim is to be distinct and anti corporate, but by treating Leeds solely as a brand, it has alienated a set of supporters who have already been treated as commodities by their owners. In conclusion, I like the approach but feel for the supporters who have lost a bit of their heritage.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Leeds fan


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