The Importance of Image in Healthcare Marketing

By Codehouse
09 Oct 2020

In the ultra-competitive healthcare industry, the impact of brand image on the attitudes and behaviours of customers and patients is monumental. It can make the difference between someone using your service or buying your product – or not.

Marketing in healthcare is about education and information, and communicating with the myriad of stakeholders your organisation has, from GPs to patients, and consumers to businesses. It’s about listening, gathering feedback, and ensuring that your products and services meet the needs and demands of your customers.

But as the healthcare world becomes more competitive, it can be difficult to promote your products and services, and achieve real stand-out.

Image and imagery is all-important for healthcare organisations in today’s world. It should be top-of-mind for healthcare marketing teams. In a content-cluttered world, image can make all the difference.

A positive brand image can act as a leading factor in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and it enhances a healthcare consumer’s perception of service quality. This, in turn, increases the chance of a re-visit or re-purchase.

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