The Impact of Apple’s New Privacy Policy

19 Jan 2022

Apple’s announcement of its new Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) for the popular Apple Mail app appeased users by giving them more control over their personal data, including options to limit email tracking. However, the latter caused a flutter among the email marketing community as it will prevent senders from knowing who opens their emails.

The reason for email marketers’ concern is that Apple Mail is one of the most popular email clients in use today, mainly because it’s the default email application on all Apple devices. Although users will have to turn on the setting manually, most will likely choose to hide their activity from third parties.

As part of Apple’s privacy updates for iOS 15, MPP will be available for the Mail app on iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and Apple watches. The feature, active since September, gives users the option of masking their IP addresses if and when they open their marketing emails.

Masking is made possible by routing an IP address through various proxy servers to generate a different IP address. This prevents email marketers and other senders from using invisible pixels to collect information from recipients.

Hear from DCX agency Celerity on The Impact of Apple’s New Privacy Policy.


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