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Join Good Shout for this 6-week course designed for women coming back from maternity leave: whether the leave is about to end, they’re a couple of months back in the job, or this is their second or third child. Applications are closing on Friday 15th December 2023. REGISTER HERE

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Returning back to work after having a kid is a big deal. We might like to pretend it’s not (or maybe society likes to pretend that it’s not) but the stats say it all. Two thirds of women admit feeling drained of self belief when it comes to the idea of returning to work after time away starting a family (Huffington Post, 2021), and nearly 50% of all mothers find it hard re-entering the workplace (Lean in, 2020).

Good Shout has trained hundreds of new mothers, from all over the world, and almost all of them cite a “crisis of confidence” after maternity leave. What used to seem so simple – leading meetings, presenting or using their voice to propose and challenge ideas – can feel harder than ever. It can even appear like your industry (and company) has moved on. This new hybrid world and the pain of virtual meetings can make the process even more daunting.

Women need more support. Post-maternity is a time for them to re-find their voice and reclaim their power at work. It’s a relaunch. It’s a SEQUEL. So let’s treat it like one. Our trainees are in the starring role, and they get to decide how their story goes on the return to work. We’ll help with the style, the script, and prepare them for all the twists and turns that’ll spring up along the way.

What is the Good Return?

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Applications are closing on Friday 15th December 2023

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What is the Good Return?

The Good Return is a 6-week course, from 19th January to 23rd February, designed for women coming back from maternity leave.

Every session will be on a Friday, 10am to 12.30pm, and chaired by two facilitators, alongside a host and special guests teaching specific skills. The first 5 sessions will be virtual, with the final session in person.

What to expect?

Week 1: The Main Character – 19th January 2024
– Who ARE you and what’s your motivation
– Deciding how you sound and what value you want to add with your voice.

Week 2: Flipping the Script – 26th January 2024
– Learning how to narrate yourself and your accolades.
– Standing out and being remembered.

Week 3: Star Performance – 2nd February 2024
– Nailing your presenting style, body language, projection, energy and ‘special effects.’

Week 4: Iconic Lines – 9th February 2024
– Using your words powerfully, to give people goosebumps, and maybe even make a difference in your organisation and industry.

Week 5: In The Spotlight – 16th February 2024
– Can you hold your own in an interview and pressured situations? All the tools to help you show up and get out of your own way.

Week 6: The Premiere – 23rd February 2024
– A big event, featuring a final performance to be proud of. A chance to share what you’ve learned in front of an audience.

Across the course we will also have a series of smaller discussion groups to discuss the tasks and wider challenges of the post-maternity return.

Your mentors

The Good Return is delivered by:

  • Amy Kean: Bestselling author, sociologist & brand strategist. (LinkedIn Top Voice & Campaign Mag Trail Blazer).
  • Nicky Kemp: Award-winning business editor & journalist. (Creative Equals advisor & Campaign Mag Trail Blazer).

And allstar facilitators and creativity coaches:

  • Francesca O’Connor: PR expert and communications
  • Skyla Grace: L&D facilitator and coach.
  • Lou Nylander: Public speaker and community
  • Five online sessions and one in-person
  • From 19th January to 23rd February 2024
  • 10am to 12.30pm each Friday
  • £1k + VAT per person.

Please note that places are limited.

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