Talking Points from BIMA’s Liverpool PM Community Meet-Up 

28 Feb 2020

BIMA’s Project Management Community came together in Liverpool recently to discuss the main challenges they faced in their roles and in their teams. These were the key points:

Driving Revenue – Often the challenge is working out who is responsible for doing it and how to account for it.

PM Juniors – Those new to the role face a lack of training and a lack of support (depending on what kind of company you are in).  How many people come into their first PM role without any specific PM training either at higher education or work training level? There are many challenges associated with learning on the job.

Estimating – Sales quotes are being prepped without a PM being involved to help scope the project. Sometimes PMs aren’t even being billed in as part of the project in the first place.  These are challenges facing a wider group within the organisation and not just PM’s.  This can come off the back of business culture and how that particular business runs things.

PM Approaches – Clients come along with a method of working and the PM will often want to work in a different way.  There’s a challenge in working with a new client without telling them their approach is wrong from the outset. We need to educate clients in types of methodologies and what method works best, when.  

Role Remit – How often are PM’s managing clients in the role of an account manager, managing the relationships between the clients and the team?  Are they equipped to do this and present and sell a wider business strategy as well as ensuring the team are delivering the current project?  

 Working Practices – What are our processes and are they working for all clients and team members? When was the last time we overhauled them and implemented any changes?

Mental Health Challenges – As a PM we are likely to have the most touch points with the wider team and are driving output from them.  We may also have multiple touch points with the client.  What support and training do we have to spot the signs of stress and act for the sake of individuals, whilst still pleasing the client and getting the project delivered on time and within budget?

The community went on to consider future points for discussion on Client Services and Delivery Roles. Among the issues explored were:

Hybrid Model

Client-facing vs non-client facing

Common challenges

Other suggestions

Want to get involved in the discussion? To be part of the next community meet up in the North West, get in touch with Louise Finch –

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