BIMA Awards 2023 Taking UKPN from monolithic to modern

Produced by: Tangent Produced for: UK Power Networks


Taking UKPN from monolithic to modern

UK Power Networks (UKPN) is a national energy infrastructure provider, distributing power to 8.3 million households and 19 million residents across London and the UK’s southeast every day. Their ambition is to be the most environmentally and socially responsible Distribution Network Operator in the UK, achieving Net Zero within the next decade. From this ambition, a vision for a powerful and futureproof website solution was born.

UKPN partnered with Tangent to relaunch their website, with bespoke, user-centric infrastructure offering users access to indispensable features, especially in times of crisis like extreme weather or widespread power failures. This includes improved ways to obtain real-time updates and connect to vital support services. By migrating from a monolithic to headless, MACH, JAMStack and DXC architecture, this new website takes UKPN one step closer to achieving Net Zero targets, reducing carbon emissions by as much as 44%.

This migration has fostered many additional standout benefits, including a 50% page-load time reduction, 66% operational cost savings and increased traffic capacity, as well as enhanced security and user experience and AA accessibility compliance. But most importantly, this platform serves as a dependable and accessible lifeline for users, as demonstrated by a customer satisfaction score of 91.72.


Environment: Gold
Transformation Project: Gold
Digital Product Development: Silver
Services and Utilities: Silver

The team

  • Richard Trigg, Product Experience Partner – Tangent
  • Andy Eva-Dale, Technical Director – Tangent
  • Jamie Coates, Project Director – Tangent