Structured Growth: learning from industry leaders

By Tiffany St James
23 Mar 2017

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One of the recurring themes that comes up time and time again at our BIMA Directors’ Dinners is the flood of questions and peer-to-peer advice on agency growth.

Whilst there are many tomes written both on and offline on this I wanted to share with you short story from the multi-award winning media company, UKTV.

Jan Gooze-Zijl the CFO and COO for UK TV shared that he had read the behavioural psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s book Fast and Slow thinking and implemented some of the ways of thinking in UKTV particularly in engaging staff in the business and cross-fertilisation of business unit understanding.

Some of things that particularly caught our attention were:

– All company stand up meetings (also used in Ministry of Justice).

– High -level objectives set but worked through in detail by each team responsible for them.

– Rotational seating quarterly: the whole company moves to a different, allocated, seat near their team but next to different people in the business every quarter.

– My personal favourite Jan shared is pre-mortems: imagining everything has gone wrong with a project and working backwards to ensure the processes and systems are in place so that errors do not happen.

Here’s the link to Daniel’s Book. Do share your thoughts on it if you’ve read it already or your thoughts when you have.


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