SMEs support ‘lost generation’ with launch of remote work placement programme.

By Workfinder Ltd
18 Aug 2020

Could your company host a University student and offer real work experience?

Here’s an opportunity to drive your business forward while supporting the next generation – and perhaps build a future talent pipeline.

This year thousands of students are missing out on valuable work experience and full time employment opportunities. The Sutton Trust recently announced their findings that 6 out 10 employers have now cancelled planned work experience programmes and nearly 40% of grad employers say they expect to hire fewer graduates or none at all over the next 12 months. We face an entire “lost generation” who have had their long term employability prospects severely impacted and yet these students are highly motivated with skills and aptitude to assist growing companies. 

On the other hand, businesses face challenging times ahead, with limited budgets and resources. If they are to survive and even thrive in this environment then they will need to get vital work done over the coming months. This is especially prevalent in startups and scale ups. 

Forward thinking employers, conscious that remote working allows them to access talent from across the UK and wider, realise this moment provides them an excellent opportunity to drive their business forward, support this next generation, and build a future talent pipeline.

So this summer the team at Workfinder  launched a programme to enable companies to take on University age students remotely to deliver short, 2 week, high impact projects around activities such as digital marketing, lead generation, application and product testing, design and many more. 

Companies of all sizes have got involved including larger companies like Paypal and Cobra Beer and Cambridge Network member Metail, right down to very early stage startups. They have got valuable work done and at the same time given hundreds of students much needed work experience, which now in many cases has enabled them to go on to secure permanent roles!

Workfinder has designed a programme of nine projects that support growth businesses. They match relevant students and also support you from start to finish with full project briefs, schedule templates and best practice guides to ensure you get the most out of the experience. 

So if you would be interested in hosting students, giving them real life experience and at the same time drive your business forward then please do check out the Workfinder site here..


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