Sandro Petterle, Technology Director, announced as new co-chair of BIMA AI Council

By Rufus Leonard
06 Feb 2020

Monday 3 February 2020, BIMA, The UK’s largest digital and tech community, representing industry to drive the future of digital has announced their new generation of BIMA Council Chairs. Sandro Petterle, Technology Director at Rufus Leonard, has been appointed as new co-chair of BIMA AI Council alongside Simone Babb, AI Lead at Digital Catapult.

One of the defining elements of BIMA is its 18 councils and think tanks which explore the latest thinking, ensure representation and inclusiveness, and prepare the industry for the future.

“BIMA councils are how we explore hot topics and emergent issues within our industry,” explained BIMA co-president Natalie Gross

As co-chair of the AI Council, Sandro will bring an experienced ‘agency implementor’ perspective, continuing to drive innovation and excellence across the industry, sharpening focus in the key area of AI.

“I’m excited to co-chair the council, sharing best practices and knowledge, to help agencies navigate the complex and evolving AI opportunity; from recognising where they are in their AI maturity ladder, to what offers, strategies and knowledge they need to get to the next step. My experience in bringing together highly skilled people towards a common goal should help make this council a productive one.”

Sandro has been successfully delivering complex innovative digital experiences for over 22 years. As Technology Director at Rufus Leonard he takes lead across clients, harnessing technology to create extraordinary experiences that will improve your customers’ lives in meaningful ways. His ability to deliver efficiently robust, innovative cross-platform solutions has been critical to clients like Stagecoach, The Gym Group, Lloyd’s Register, The Share Centre, and London Business School.

He is also a major contributor to Rufus being recognised as a top 10 design and build agency in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies Report.

Sandro started his career at Portugal’s largest digital agency, making partner by 21, and side-hustled his own .com business with venture capitalists before moving to the UK digital agency scene to work with Fortune Cookie and Dare, before ultimately landing at Rufus.

BIMA is the UK’s largest digital and tech community, with a 5,000+ strong membership including strategists, creatives, technologists, educators and brands. The new councils launch on 31 January 2020. For more information on BIMA visit their website.


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