Report: Headline-making campaigns and the tech that powers them

By Just After Midnight
07 Feb 2022

Headline-making digital campaigns push the boundaries of customer experience, whether that’s on the web or in the world. 

Through augmented reality and experiential marketing, brands and marketers blur this distinction. And it’s these one-of-a-kind digital experiences that end up making the front page.

Think virtual fittings rooms, National Twitter-based games of Bingo or any campaign you’ve seen that breaks the mould when it comes to customer experience.

In our DCX Report (digital customer experience), we’re looking at the technologies that breathe life into these ideas.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

Plus, we explain how all these new-fangled terms fit under the broad umbrella of the AWS DCX Competency.

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Who’s this report for? 

Anyone who wants to find out more about the technology that powers innovative campaigns – whether you’re an agency, a brand or just curious.

What do you get out of the Digital Customer Experience report?

So…which campaigns are included in the report?

A gamification marketing campaign with TUMs at the 2021 Super Bowl 

Gamification marketing means what it says on the tin: a campaign or digital experience delivered as a game.

In 2021, TUMs ran a nationwide game of Bingo…on Twitter… during Superbowl. 

And we had to make sure it ran like a varsity athlete!

In this report, we look at how important a robust, high-performance infrastructure is to a campaign like TUMs, touching on advanced tactics and some lessons learned.

An augmented reality campaign with Heineken 

Augmented reality is a great way to engage audiences through a mixture of real and virtual worlds.

Phone screens, tablets and many other devices can become portals to in-between spaces by placing virtual models in real environments. 

In other words, Pokemon Go was just the beginning.

The Heineken Cheers campaign boasted a user-triggered AR race, with digital cars traversing real surfaces via players’ phones. 

Delivering this project meant managing unique content at scale. And that’s what we dive into in the report.

A digital customer experience solution with Tribeca Film Festival

Sometimes a great creative campaign is based on a single solution.

With Covid keeping audiences inside, Tribeca Film Festival wanted another way of engaging users: a live game-streaming platform to preview eleven exclusive titles. 

Delivering this project meant integrating the work of many providers and ensuring the experience ran smoothly for everyone – regardless of their setup.

In the report, we touch on the lessons learned from supporting unique marketing technologies at the heart of a creative campaign.

How we can help

Aside from putting together this very helpful report (which you can download here) – we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves.

Whether designing or building a cloud-native solution architecture, keeping your campaign running smoothly through our pioneering 24/7 support, or just being the technology partner you need to get outside the box – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve worked with award-winning agencies and household names on headline-making campaigns around the world.

 So, to chat about a campaign idea, or anything else, just get in touch.

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