Relate – Let’s Talk the Joy of Sex

By Ogilvy
26 Apr 2021

Working with Relate and the brilliant Rankin, we wanted to help shine a spotlight on the unseen intimacy in our later years, and create a new visual language that celebrates the joy of intimacy and sex in later life.

It’s a subject many perhaps flinch from or don’t often talk about and there is a notion that older people shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t want to have sex and intimacy in later life. It has seemingly become a taboo subject, but why? The upsides are immeasurable for our mental health and happiness and physical wellbeing.

Making stunning and cheeky work like this is the best way to start a conversation amongst society as a whole and to encourage people to talk to their partner, friends, doctor or to Relate.

The work is a powerful and collaborative testament to the incredible range of talent we have at Ogilvy.

Within a day of the launch, our work and our positive message is already all over the national and trade press, including The Guardian,  The Telegraph, The Times, Campaign and The Drum.


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