The idea for Zymplify came from Michael Carlin, Zymplify’s CEO and Founder.

After a career in international finance at the insurance giant, AIG, Michael came back home to Northern Ireland, with the goal of setting up his own company.

During this process, Michael found that he was constantly running in place while trying to work out exactly what marketing activity was working for his company and what wasn’t. He was frustrated having to pull together multiple reports from numerous applications and tools, with no clear understanding of the results from his marketing campaigns.

He could see that digital marketing was becoming a way of life for businesses of all sizes and that those offerings needed to be available as Software as a Service (SaaS), be easy to use, reasonably priced, and be built with the latest in leading-edge technology.

So he found some of the brightest business guys, digital marketers, and tech-heads and rallied them around one shared vision – to simplify digital marketing.

After 18 months of requirements, design, white-boarding, testing, buckets of coffee, funding, and many late nights, he launched Zymplify – Europe’s first headquarter-based marketing automation software and services company.

Zymplify, the fastest growing European based marketing automation vendor, now lives in state-of-the-art offices in Portstewart and Belfast in Northern Ireland, London, Manchester and U.S. headquarters in Boston, MA, where we house our fast-growing team of marketing, business, and tech professionals.

Accreditations and awards

G2 High Performer UK Fall 2021

G2 High Performer Europe Fall 2021

G2 High Performer 2021

G2 High Performer Small Business 2021

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