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Value add video is the practice of getting more from your existing assets and more from your existing opportunities.

There are two methods to do this:

1 – Getting more from your existing assets, creatively repurposing, remaking or reversioning. From Influencer mash-ups to DOOH remasters of TV commercials. We are of course experimenting with AI as it develops to ensure time-saving and additional creative opportunities are being woven into our ethos of getting more from what you have.

2 – Generating new content from existing opportunities, like behind the scenes, or award entries to new value add like case studies, tutorials or Vox pops. As well as stock-based creative sometimes enhanced with bespoke animation. Sometimes even coaching your team to film on their phones.

Why dive into value add video?

1: They give high ROI and ROAS, after you’ve splashed big bucks on your creative agency, we’re here to drive that content further.

2: Value-add video keeps your audience engaged between campaigns and generates rich ‘business as usual’ content.

3: This is your critical content marketing video like podcast or YouTube.

4: SEO Video also comes from value-add video, website vlogs and YouTube content, and now TikTok content. SEO video needs to be frequent and highly segmented to drive keyword clarity. Customer care and FAQ videos fall into this category too.

5: Career-boosting conference videos, or pitch videos are value-add videos.

6: They are an affordable way to generate high-volume quality consistent video.

What makes this such a speciality to need an Agency, especially for this kind of video?

1: Value add videos need video editors and graphic designers to be responsive and fast-moving.

2: A ready-to-go team needs to be on call to react to your needs immediately. Agile, fast and creative.

3: Becoming masters of value add video means we work on a ‘get it done’ mindset we’re about practical magic, efficiency and productivity.

4: To be even more agile we cut out the paperwork by working on subscriptions that fall into two camps, either fixed deliverables, flexi deliverables with add-ons like, filming or YouTube relaunching and others.

There is value add video to be had in every corner of your brand.

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