Pixeled Eggs


We help organisations spark and grow valuable relationships by creating engaging websites that are usable, findable and trackable.

Engaging – User focussed, welcoming interaction and design that showcases a brand’s personality, resonates with its audience and supports storytelling.

Usable – Insight led, user centric, responsive (mobile optimised), accessible designs. Clear navigation with a defined visual hierarchy and consistency that meets users’ needs and business objectives.

Findable – Technically robust, using best  SEO practices to ensure search engines can understand and index a website’s content to ensure it is visible in social media, and users can easily find information they are looking for.

Trackable – Tracked to provide insights on how websites are used and where they can be optimised to improve conversion and performance.

Who we are
We are a multi-discipline team committed to delivering insight-led websites and digital experiences. We’ve built our reputation on exceeding our clients’ expectations and being a trusted long-term partner.

Our team is made up of strategic, technical, UX, creative, data and project management experts. We produce result-focused digital experiences through a process of continuous improvement that puts prototyping and user testing at its heart.

Our beliefs
We have 4 beliefs that define our culture and work.

Proven (because digital is data) – We believe that evidence beats opinion. We put user testing and research at the centre of our approach.

Nimble (because we respond positively to change) – We are adaptable. We prototype to make work efficient and iterative. We look for lean technical solutions.

Collaborative (because complexity requires diversity) – We combine our expertise with our clients’ and their audience to create the best possible solution. We work as a multi-discipline team.

Open (because we value clarity) – We demystify digital and try to speak plainly. We use storytelling to simplify complexity. We use secure, open-source technologies that are easy to use and manage, and don’t tie people down.

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