Human Kind


Human Kind is a digital and sustainability consultancy that uses data, design, and technology to improve business outcomes. We believe the opportunity to do good business has never been greater, with sustainable, people and planet-focused approaches increasingly driving commercial success.

The intelligent and ethical use of data, design and technology provides us with the opportunity to reimagine:

  • What we produce and manufacture and how we do that. 
  • The way we service our customers.
  • How we manage our workforce.
  • Our overall business operations.

Through the Human Kind Framework, we work with you to:

  • Identify opportunities in your business for more sustainable outcomes.
  • Use design and technology to reimagine existing approaches and behaviours.
  • Monitor success measured against sustainable and commercial goals.
  • Report and implement any learnings into new project streams.

We can do Good Business. The Human Kind Framework integrates globally recognised sustainability measures, including the UN’s SDG and can incorporate any existing practices our clients may have in place.

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