Prevent burnout, exclusion and attrition with a great team culture

About Fika:
Fika is on a mission to create a better you, a more inclusive team culture, and better places to work. The Fika platform empowers every team to tackle the everyday behaviours that can contribute to burnout, exclusion and attrition.

Fika closes the gap between how you work and how your teams train – integrating short activities into existing meetings. Leading to teams that are better connected, more trusting, inclusive and supportive of each other.

Fika’s founders are ex-agency – passionate about supporting the BIMA community. With proven science, published research studies and positive outcomes at national scale. In just 4 weeks 92% of team leads noticed improvements in team trust, communication and togetherness. Fika can return an ROI of up to £1,800 per employee, per year by reducing productive salary lost to

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