Fiit is the #1 rated interactive hybrid fitness platform in the UK & Ireland’s app stores. As the digital fitness experience named ‘The home workout app to beat’ by WIRED Magazine, and Men’s Health’s top-rated fitness app for 2021, Fiit takes its Members’ training to the next level with effective, convenient, and efficient workouts – all led by world-class trainers.

Members get access to mat-based classes across three studios – Cardio, Strength and Rebalance. Or they can Train, Recover and Compete with connected bike, tread, row and air bike workouts. Members can choose from 1000+ on-demand workouts anytime, anywhere, and 30+ tailored training plans – from dumbbells, kettlebells, strength, bodyweight and combat, to yoga, Pilates, mobility, breathwork, post-natal  and more. Plus, members can Connect & Compete against the wider community by battling it out on the live leaderboard in scheduled group classes with friends.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in London, Fiit offers an open ecosystem and is available on any iOS and Android device, Samsung 2018-2021 TVs, Amazon FireTV and Sky Q where it joins the platform as its first fitness streaming partner with real-time metrics on screen from 25+ fitness devices. Fiit is also available live in three of The Gym Group’s London and Manchester studios. For more information, visit

Fiit for Work

Recent research has found 39% of the UK adult population is failing to meet basic government physical activity standards.

For 2023, the World Health Organisation has since urged ‘wellbeing and mental health for all’ to be the priority. With quiet quitting, burnout, and workplace stress on the rise, employers/ organisations/ HR Leaders globally will play a critical role in making this a reality.

Purpose-built for organisations, Fiit is working with forward-thinking partners such as Accenture to create healthy and productive working environments with our revised Fiit For Work offering.

Other partners also include the Premier League, EY, YuLife and Moneybox. We’re enabling organisations to allow employees to get active at home, in the gym, and on their terms.

The results are a more engaged, productive, healthy and happy team. Now, Leaders have the opportunity to determine how they want to prioritise employee wellbeing.

BIMA Member Discount

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