About BHSF:

We are a not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider with a proud history of making quality healthcare accessible to working people across the UK. Our primary focus is to transform the wellbeing space and to significantly raise the standard of clinical outcomes.

Today, we make a positive impact on workplace wellbeing – helping to keep employees mentally, physically, and financially healthy. Our services range from employee mental health support to health insurance. 2 or 20,000 employees – we’ve got something to suit everyone. By intervening early, we can help to keep employees in work and healthy.

Our mental health service is the only EAP Provider with APPTS Accreditation by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, the highest level of clinical approval in the UK. We deliver exceptional experiences to our services users. In 2022, over 94% of clients providing feedback said that the service helped them to remain in work whist receiving support or were able to return to work sooner than if they had not had the service available.


BHSF are aligned with BIMA in seeking to offer accessible mental health and wellbeing services for SME businesses within the UK. As such, we have offered a reduction in the minimum costings across each of our core mental health services to further support your business.

Depending on service level, key features which can be accessed as a BIMA member include:

·        In the moment support and access to structured telephonic counselling.

·        Access to structured face-to-face and/or virtual counselling

·        HR, Manager and OH referral for clinical assessment for counselling and other treatment modalities

·        Access to enhanced psychological assessments, complex case support and complex case management when deemed clinically appropriate.

·        Full case management of all referrals to maximise clinical outcomes if required by client

·        24/7, 365 telephone counselling and advice line.

·        24/7, 365 health and wellbeing advice and support.

·        24/7, 365 critical incident advice and telephone support.

·        24/7, 365 counselling support for those with care responsibilities.

·        24/7, 365 telephone access to personal financial/debt information and signposting.

·        24/7, 365 telephone or online GP consultation services.

·        Online portal and access to a range of self-help resources and CBT workbooks.

·        Telephone access to enhanced personal financial/debt support.

·        Telephone access to enhanced personal legal support.

·        Access to MyMindPal – mental fitness and support app.

·        Management information.

·        Dedicated partnership account management to maximise value from the service.

If you would like to find out more about how BHSF can support your team’s wellbeing, please contact Hayden Smith at or call him on 07903790681.

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