Niteco AMS – 24/7 Business Value After Go-Live

By Kurt Dressel
27 Mar 2019

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As anyone who has ever launched a website or application will know, the work doesn’t stop after your go-live. Even if the development itself is done, the finished site will require proper management and care to achieve peak performance and reliability. Servers may experience downtime, attacks may compromise your database and performance may slow down. That’s why you need a plan in place to monitor and manage all these aspects in order to provide the best experience to your users and administrators. This is where Niteco’s Application Management Services or AMS come in.

AMS is a suite of 24/7 services designed to continually optimize your website or application’s performance, minimize downtime and ensure security. In short, it takes care of all those small and not-so-small things that could impair your site or application’s ability to achieve conversions.

The Six Pillars of AMS

Niteco’s AMS is made up of six distinct offerings we have defined:

1. Proactive Monitoring: Proactive is the operative word here. We don’t just wait until something happens to ensure the security or performance of your application. We take preemptive steps to make sure that no issues occur, leveraging Niteco’s vast experience in handling post-launch issues of all kinds.

2. Incident Management: Unfortunately, some problems occur without any prior warning. This is where rapid response times count. AMS gives you 24/7 coverage and critical issues will receive the attention of Niteco experts within minutes – no matter what time it is.

3. Performance Management: Your application’s or website’s performance determines whether your users actually stick around long enough to make it to a conversion. As part of Niteco’s AMS, we continually monitor your performance and make the necessary adjustments and tweaks to keep loading times short and your users happy.

4. Security Monitoring: At the risk of sounding dramatic, the internet is a dangerous place. Hackers and viruses can damage not only your application, but also your reputation. That’s why we take all necessary steps to keep your application, your data and your users’ data safe as part of our AMS approach.

5. Integration Monitoring: While various integrations can provide great value to your application or website, they are also an additional point of potential failure. Monitoring whether these integrations and their connections to your application are working as intended is crucial for you and your users’ experience.

6. Continuous improvement: We at Niteco don’t like to rest on our laurels. That’s why our development activity doesn’t end when your application goes live. We continually improve, tweak and boost your application in order to keep it up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Niteco AMS and DXC Monitoring – Hand in Hand

If you’re a user of Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud (DXC), you already enjoy some great support in the form of Episerver DXC Management Services. However, the focus here is on infrastructure-related tickets, while development and deployment remain outside the scope. Niteco AMS picks up this slack and makes sure that all your development and deployment-related needs are taken care of 24/7. So, if you use both services, you will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you can leverage support channels that complement each other perfectly, around the clock, wherever you are.

The right package for you

Niteco offers three AMS packages with varying levels of service: Basic, Premium and Enterprise. The packages differ on assured response times as well as the number of supported reports and monitoring activities. You can find out more by perusing our AMS Factsheet.

Contact us now to inquire about what business value Niteco AMS can offer you. Don’t worry about your application after going live.

We’ll take it from here.

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