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Fast track your net zero strategy

Discover how to measure, reduce, and offset your company’s carbon footprint

How MMT Digital went Net Carbon Negative?

Find out how MMT Digital created and used the pack to go Net Carbon Negative on their 20th anniversary in 2019.

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You want to get serious – and strategic – about lowering your carbon footprint. But how do you do it?

To fast track your net zero strategy, the BIMA Sustainability Council and MSQ, a global, carbon negative digital marketing group, have developed a six week online course delivered via FutureLearn that will guide you through the terminology, measurement techniques and reduction strategies for your company’s carbon footprint.

Then, with strategies in place, you’ll learn how to track reductions and report on progress to show your clients you’re committed to green initiatives.

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Exclusive benefits

As a BIMA member, alongside access to the course you can also join our official cohort, meeting every three weeks for support from MSQ’s Chief Sustainability Officer, James Cannings. As part of the cohort you can access our dedicated Slack channel, 1-2-1 expert support, drop-in sessions, optional buddy system, fast-track senior executive guidance, peer support and guest talks – all for free, exclusive to BIMA members.

When can we start?

Dates TBC.

However, you can also start the course whenever you like, completing it at your own pace, but without the peer support of the BIMA community.


What Can I Expect?

What does the course involve?

The course will require a commitment of around 3 hrs per week. At that pace, it will take 6 weeks to complete. You can, however, learn at your own pace.


Who developed the course?

James Cannings, Chief Sustainability Officer of MSQ, a global, carbon negative digital marketing group, and the Co-Chair of the BIMA Sustainability Council.



When can we start?

The course starts on Wednesday 2nd November with other sessions on :

  • 23rd November
  • 14th December
  • 11th January
  • 1st February

However, you can also start the course whenever you like, completing it at your own pace, but without the peer support of the BIMA community.


Why Join The Programme

Understand Your Carbon Footprint

Do you know what your base carbon footprint is across Scope 1, Scope 2 and major aspects of Scope 3? Join the programme and you will.

Drive Reduction Activities

Join the programme and learn how to initiate carbon reduction activities to help your business become Net Carbon Negative.

Low Cost

We use Verified Carbon Standard or The Gold Standard carbon offsetting schemes to set your budget for becoming a Net Carbon negative company. When MMT Digital – who developed the programme – did this the cost was just £25 per person per year.

Track Your Progress

Understand the effect of your reduction activities. Incorporate the offsetting and reduction efforts of your people. Then, bring the information together on dashboards that give your data clarity and impact at account, departmental or company level.

Develop Your Support Network

Create a community within your organisation to champion carbon reduction activities outside the business

Gain Formal Certification

Use the programme to gain formal carbon neutrality certification (PAS2060) with the Carbon Trust.

Brand Positivity

Make Net Carbon Negative part of your sustainability/CSR work and use our badges on your collateral.

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