NAB 2024: Interactive TV and AI-Driven Media Innovation

By UIC Digital
21 May 2024

This year’s NAB show was an absolute blast for us at UIC! We had the chance to showcase our expertise in interactive TV and building AI-powered media experiences. Although the overall show atmosphere was a bit quieter than last year, our presence at the “Beat the BUZZR®” demo in the Capitalize Zone was a huge hit. Big thanks to my colleagues Luke Boyle and Paul Clement for joining me in Vegas – we made a fantastic team representing UIC Digital!

We teamed up with Microsoft, NVIDIA, Alice & Smith, and several other partners to showcase the groundbreaking “Beat the BUZZR®” demo. Check out this video to see it in action:

This innovative app solution uses gamification and AI to transform passive viewing into an engaging experience. Viewers could participate in quizzes, trivia, and more on a second screen, opening new monetization opportunities for content creators and advertisers. It’s a win-win situation!

Here’s how Beat the BUZZR works:

Buzzr is a TV network and FAST channel owned by the entertainment giant Fremantle. It’s a pop culture treasure trove with classic game show titles like Family Feud, What’s My Line, Tell the Truth, Match Game, and others. The second-screen application syncs with BUZZR® programming, allowing viewers to play along in real-time. Users can engage with trivia, polls, missions, and more, earning XP towards unlocking badges and prizes.

And the competitive spirit was definitely in the air amongst our team! We had a blast trying to outperform each other on the trivia challenges and leaderboard. The friendly rivalry added an extra layer of fun and excitement. Paul put up a great fight, but in the end didn’t stand a chance …

Finally, a huge thank you to Andy from Microsoft and Joe from Alice & Smith for a fantastic collaboration. You are the ones that made this demo happen. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and super excited to continue down this road with you, and gamify the world of media and sports.

Beyond the buzz (pun intended) surrounding the demo, NAB 2024 was a catalyst for UIC Digital to pursue an exciting future of AI-assisted applications in media. We received a lot of interest from companies wanting to build AI-assisted experiences or create AI service layers on top of their media workflows, underscoring the industry’s growing appetite for intelligent, innovative solutions that enhance user experiences.

By leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI and Copilot, we can build highly contextual media platforms that assist users by performing complex multi-step tasks using natural language. UIC is excited to be at the forefront of applying Microsoft’s latest AI technologies to craft intelligent user experiences across entertainment, news, sports, and other content services.

We look forward to leveraging the invaluable connections and insights gained at the conference to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine audience engagement, drive monetization, and reshape the media landscape. The future of interactive entertainment is here, and UIC Digital is thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution!

Author – Max Heiderscheid, VP North America

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