Meet The Member: Prevayl

20 Mar 2020

We sat down with Alice Harling, Content and Communications Manager at Prevayl  in Manchester to discuss the amazing work they are doing with wearable technology.

Give us the elevator pitch for your company?

Prevayl® offers the infrastructure and insights to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions. Our technology empowers people to better connect with their bodies, enabling them to live smarter, safer and healthier lives.

We have developed wearable technology that is seamlessly integrated into clothing. With no plugs and wires comes the ability to receive more data from the body than any current leading wearable device.

The use of Prevayl-enabled connected clothing powers our health-tech ecosystem and human insights platform, enabling the creation of custom health and cognitive insight solutions.

Briefly, tell us about a typical day – or – tell us about something interesting/unusual/fantastic that happened this week:

Every day at Prevayl is different. Our team is packed with industry-leading experts including sensor engineers, computer scientists, sector specialists, fashion designers and intellectual property experts. They each bring something different to the table whether new ideas, concepts or product solutions.

Most days include cross-department collaboration, product demonstrations, and innovation sessions. We’ve also recently opened our new lab space in the oldest train station in the world, ensuring this famous building has its own role to play in the development of revolutionary tech.

What do you love most about what you do?

The possibilities of Prevayl is incredibly exciting. We’re bringing to market something that will provide a huge benefit for current and future generations.

Our tech creates the platform to educate people about themselves. It isn’t just about elite sport or performance. It’s about individuals everyday getting actionable insights about their bodies and minds. People have the data and pre-emptive insights to help signpost them towards better future health, especially their mental health. That’s extremely exciting.

What’s the best thing about being a BIMA member?

The opportunity for collaboration is an essential part of being a BIMA member. Manchester and the North West is at the centre of tech innovation in the UK and across the world. Collaboration is key to drive ongoing and future innovation.

For many tech businesses and start-ups it becomes too easy to focus on what is going on inside your own business. Organisations like BIMA encourage tech and digital businesses of all sizes to come together to share ideas and thinking. It underpins the industry.

Tell us about an opportunity you’ve had or a business problem you’ve solved as a result of being a BIMA member:

The biggest opportunity we’ve had as a business as a BIMA member so far has been the chance to share our vision with the wider digital community. Our CEO, Adam Crofts has already been part of an expert panel at a BIMA Breakfast Briefing and we are hoping to present at the upcoming BIMA Conference.



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