Meet the member: Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director and Owner of Copy House

29 Apr 2022

We sat down with Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director and Owner of the award-winning B2B content marketing agency, Copy House, to discover a typical day in the life of a successful entrepreneur. Kathryn ran us through all things content marketing, why the digital marketing space is booming and how BIMA has helped her build her network.

1. Give us the elevator pitch for your company.

Copy House is an award-winning content marketing agency with a passion for words and an appetite for progress. Copy House specialises in technology and FinTech, helping brands build better relationships with their audience by explaining complex topics in creative, engaging ways. This helps technology and FinTech brands nurture their leads through the funnel and ultimately boost revenue.We work with some exciting brands in that space, including Meta, Klarna, Cigna, Travelex, Nutmeg, FICO, Modulr, Money Dashboard, Instanda, and more.

2. Tell us about a typical day.

At Copy House, no two days are the same. As the MD of Copy House, I try to focus on the overall vision of Copy House and lead my senior team by giving them the resources they need to achieve their individual goals. Most of which contribute toward the overall business vision.I’m also very hands-on at the moment. Recently, I’ve been helping the team create marketing strategies, aid clients, and push sales when needed. A great thing about my role is it’s super versatile. When I’m not focusing on Copy House, I’m networking, speaking at events or developing my personal brand.

3. What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I can motivate and inspire my team, female entrepreneurs and those in marketing or tech. I’ve always looked up to my dad as he has been an inspiration to me, and I’ve always wanted to be a role model for my daughter, but I never imagines that I could be a role model for others.I’ve always believed that we should leave the world in a better place than where we found it, and I’ve done my best to live by that and continue working on it. When creating Copy House, I wanted to build a company that broke all the typical agency rules. With the help of my team, we created a company culture that is welcoming, inclusive and diverse and built a brand that makes complex tech easily accessible to everyone through the power of words — this is what I love!

4. What’s the best thing about being a BIMA member?

I have a goal of networking with 50 people each month. BIMA has helped me achieve this goal by introducing me to other experts within the technology community. I’ve made brilliant connections through BIMA’s events, and I’ve had some great conversations.Tell us about an opportunity you’ve had or a business problem you’ve solved as a result of being a BIMA member.

At Copy House, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and aiding the tech space. BIMA has allowed us to participate in events such as the BIMA Digital Day, where some of the Copy House team were able to go into schools and teach young leaders about the opportunities in tech.

Volunteering for events such as Digital Day has helped strengthen the community and allowed us to be a small part of creating a more diverse world with great opportunities.

5. What is one thing you’re incredibly proud of and wish other agencies would do?

At Copy House, I embedded the work from anywhere and anytime policy during the pandemic. At the time, this was put in place to support a small team of 5 by allowing them to avoid commuting during the difficult time. However, due to its success, I decided to wholly embrace the work from home lifestyle.I ignored the whole 9 to 5 culture and avoided basing work on face time value. Instead, we base it on output and results. My team can now have a healthier work-life balance and work from anywhere in the world.

This gives everyone the freedom and flexibility to do as they please. With this comes a lot of trust, I trust my team to show results, and they trust me to build and sustain a healthy work environment and uphold the Copy House manifesto.

I wish other agencies would see the endless benefits of working remote and building a diverse team based on talent and not location.

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