Meet our Members: Zoltan Vass, CoderDog

By Rachel Johnson
02 Nov 2017

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In the first of a new series meeting BIMA members, Zoltan Vass explains why BIMA membership sets CoderDog’s tail wagging.

CoderDog: The technical team that speaks your language; the external resource that feels like it’s an extension of your team.

What do you love most about what you do?

Learning from experienced people, thinking outside the box, solving different problems and making sure that we are on the same page with our clients and partners so together we can achieve bigger results.

This week at BIMA…

I got involved into the BIMA Marcomms Council. They are responsible for helping with marketing strategy, web development and generating cool campaigns. 

The best thing about BIMA membership?

Culture, influence and inspiration come from the top, and BIMA has a fantastic leadership team. It is a healthy and vibrant organisation packed with genuine people who are all down to earth. I am constantly learning, and can meet senior people who are willing to share their experience and give advice.

BIMA membership helped me by…

I met my mentor through BIMA and he helped us turn our business around. I started to see immediate results and within the 6-12 month mentoring period I achieved and learned a lot more than in the previous five years.

The BIMA difference?

BIMA has made me a better person, boosted my confidence and taught me how a business needs to be run in the UK.

BIMA stands out from the crowd. It is a role model organisation for me. Zoltan Vass, CoderDog

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