Marketing for Gen Z, Reach, Engage and Inspire

By Elliott King
27 Mar 2017

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Speech from the, “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education” event, hosted by the University of London and sponsored by University Business, CoSector and Education Technology.

Generation Z is loosely defined as those born between 1995 and 2010, are the first to have experienced, since birth, the ‘always on’, smartphone-centric and permanently connected states in which most of us now live our lives.  Their behaviour, actions and motives differ from older generations and this is likely to be a result of their unique experience with ‘the internet’.

In any case, most marketers understand that ‘traditional’ tactics must be altered if brands are to successfully reach, engage and inspire this generation.

MintTwist CEO, Elliott King, gave this speech to an Education Technology Conference organised by CoSector and the University of London, in which he discussed the relevant trends and tactics for Higher Education institutions seeking to use digital for recruiting undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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