Mando creates multilingual Sitecore XP solution for global manufacturer Norican Group

By Robyn Jones
31 Aug 2017

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Norican Group approached Mando for an overhaul of its website strategy, design and development; the websites needed to be capable of handling multiple languages, be localised for each territory in which they operate and improve both the volume and quality of their leads.

Norican Group’s new Sitecore XP 8.2 platform features an array of embedded marketing capabilities and practitioner tools that gives Sitecore its reputation for being full-featured and best-in-class for a marketer’s needs. Where Norican Group will benefit from most however, is Sitecore’s market-leading personalisation, testing and optimisation capabilities.

Mando has worked with Norican to develop a variety of personas – along with a content strategy to ensure each of these personas are optimally served – providing users with a completely personalised online experience, by serving them relevant content, in context.

To compliment this, Mando has used the CRM Campaign Integration module to integrate a multi-lingual Sitecore platform with Norican Group’s existent Dynamics CRM system. This will push leads in and allow the marketing teams in each territory to work more efficiently with an intended higher volume and higher quality leads.

Sitecore is a strong fit for a fast-moving organisation such as Norican Group, who require both a feature-rich marketing suite and enterprise web CMS that can scale at pace.

Mando will continue to work closely with Norican Group to help them build on this first phase of digital transformation; by delivering a roadmap of strategic digital initiatives including ecommerce using Sitecore’s new commerce offering, global campaigns and further utilisation of Sitecore’s customer experience personalisation, testing, analytics and automation tools.

Vanessa Ashworth, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Norican Group said, “I approached Mando in March 2016, and was impressed by the team. I liked the idea of ‘simplifying complexity and creating business change’ – it seemed a good fit to Norican’s needs. Now I believe we have a platform which is a good fit for Norican’s business strategy. It has been designed and built to support the way we approach business, and is scalable for our future needs. We want to make it easier for the customer to work with Norican, offering content and solutions to help with their challenges. And that experience is only going to improve as we continue to develop the site, working hand-in-hand with Mando.”

Mark Simpson, Client Services Director at Mando said “We’re really proud of the work delivered to date for Norican. They’re a global brand within one of our core sectors, and we’ve been able to deliver a project using our strategic technology partner Sitecore. Delivering a simple and efficient experience for their customers with a roadmap of continuous improvement – to ensure we keep driving Norican Group’s digital transformation – is why we exist as a business.”


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