Lifting the Lid: The Influencer Pricing Report

By SevenSix Agency
12 Mar 2021

Back in November and December 2020, SevenSix Agency conducted an industry-wide survey into influencer pricing, collecting data from over 275 influencers, brands and agencies in the UK and beyond. Based on the responses, we have put together a 16-page report delving into the influencer pay gap.

With key insights from industry professionals, expert tips on engagement, and honest insights from content creators, the Influencer Pricing Report lifts the lid on payment disparities; highlighting the overwhelming need for standardisation. The report revealed that 78% of influencers feel unconfident in pricing themselves during brand negotiations, with 57% answering that their ethnicity plays a significant role in the amount they are paid. Furthermore, 99% of those that believe the impact of ethnicity to be negatively identified as a person of colour.

Our founder, Charlotte Williams, said: “These figures uncover some harsh truths about the influencer marketing space and are proof that we have barely begun on the journey to full diversity and inclusion. They also show a need and appetite for structure and process to support influencers when it comes to pricing, allowing us to remove pay discrepancies related to race.”

In order to achieve real progress, the influencer marketing industry must create a new standard that facilitates change, and evolve. That’s why SevenSix Agency used quantitative data from the responses to provide a suggested pricing plan for all parties to use when entering brand partnerships.

Lifting the Lid: The Influencer Pricing Report is now available for download! You can access the full copy here.

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