BIMA Conference – Day 1 (Round up)

18 Nov 2020

Wow, it’s the end of our first day, and what a day it’s been. We’ve heard from 32 speakers from across our community and the wider industry. We’ve been challenged, educated, and inspired. So, what have we learned today in Lessons For The Future from our keynotes:

1. A Lifetime of Innovation by Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, IT Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

A remarkable lady, who shared great knowledge from the past and inspiration and hope for the future.

Lessons learned:

2. It Starts On TikTok by Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing, Global Business Solutions EU, TikTok

An engaging interview with Trevor and Sonoo Singh, Co-founder and editor of Creative Salon which covered many topics, from managing exponential growth to bringing communities together and what’s next for TikTok.

Lessons learned:

3. The New Normal by Benedict Evans, Independent Analyst & Venture Partner at Mosaic Ventures

The Data God Benedict Evans blew our minds with his deep dive into the stats behind ‘The New Normal’. A very bright mind. You have to see his presentation to understand the level of knowledge he has. This will be available on our content hub soon.

4. Social Media Engineered: How NASA bring space to everyone by Rebecca Roth, Social Media Specialist & Imaging Coordinator, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Rebecca Roth shared some of the ways in which scientists, photographers and animators are collaborating to produce new images & visualizations of the Earth, the sun, our solar system, and the universe. Sharing some very cool images which are now being bought to the masses by social media platforms.

We also delivered a number of masterclasses, practical led sessions to help us with our day to day life.

Diverse Hiring Strategies for the new world by:

Ross Taylor, Founder, Hidden, Sarah Baumann, MD, VaynerMedia, Becky McOwen-Banks, ECD, VaynerMedia

#SAVETHENIGHT– How to build a purpose-driven moment by:

Tim Jerg, Head of Global Brand Management, Mast-Jägermeister; Kim Lawrie, Head of Creative Technology, ENGINE; Allan Blair, Head of Strategy, ENGINE

The New Shape of Storytelling by :

Timur Bekmambetov, Film Producer, Joann Kushner, Director of Operations, Screenlife UK, Nicolas Connor, Emerging Writer / Director

And Roundtables including:

The Climate Crisis and Digital: Our role as companies and creators by:

BIMA’s Sustainability Council

Futureproofing the tech ecosystem for an uncertain future:

In partnership with MACH Alliance

Resilient digital experience in disruptive times:

In partnership with Acquia

Tomorrow we have another full agenda – download here.  You can still register here.

All sessions have been recorded and will be available online shortly. 




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