BIMA Awards 2023 Launching Urban Mobility Explained

Produced by: Passion Digital Produced for: EIT Urban Mobility


Launching Urban Mobility Explained

Since 2021, the educational arm of EIT Urban Mobility (EIT UM) has made excellent videos, but without a robust amplification strategy, they weren’t reaching the niche audience they needed to target to grow a community of urban mobility professionals.

We worked with the team to navigate the hurdles of public sector organisations. We flexed our creative muscles and applied long-term strategic thinking (from a whole year before!) to develop a standalone YouTube channel called Urban Mobility Explained (UMX), which would be vital for reaching our objectives and making an impact to EIT UM awareness and reach among urban mobility professionals.

In the 3 months after the channel went live, we far exceeded targets and built an engaged community of urban mobility professionals who are challenging the way that our cities have been built to make them more equitable for the good of society, the planet and the economy.


Mobility and Leisure Travel: Bronze



The team

  • Rosie Hopes, Managing Partner, Insight & Strategy, Passion Digital
  • Freddie Warner, PPC Account Manager, Passion Digital
  • Charlotte Chadwick, Content Marketing Manager, Passion Digital