Jack Constantine joins the BIMA Hall of Fame 2023

18 May 2023

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Jack Constatine, Chief Digital Officer at Lush, becomes one of the latest to join BIMA’s prestigious Hall of Fame.

Every year, the British Interactive Media Association honours two new members who have made significant contributions to the digital industry by inducting them into its Hall of Fame. The latest inductees will join a prestigious list of individuals, including 2022’s inductees Steven Bartlett, Businessman, entrepreneur and television personality, and Mary Keane-Dawson, award-winning Business Leader, Coach & Mentor, as well as all previous inductees dating back to 2012.

Within Lush, Jack is perhaps best known as the man behind all things digital – including websites, apps and an in-shop till system. But he’s also the inventor of many of our best selling and iconic products, including Intergalactic, Black Rose and Dragon’s Egg bath bombs.

Jack made headlines world over when he led the team creating The Experimenter video,  and for taking a stance on Social Media for Lush. Driving new ways to connect with Lush communities online, he’s never afraid to challenge convention. “Be brave,” he says. “We’re here to experiment and explore and push boundaries. Make mistakes, make them again, and then learn and develop from them. I think that’s why our customers love us.”

Beginning his career working alongside his mum (and Inventor of the first bath bomb in 1989), Mo Constantine, Jack grew up in the midst of a company that likes to shake up the industry. From helping his mum in their garden shed to create bath bombs, Jack worked his way up through the company; designing labels and windows to working on the first Lush campaign.

As Chief Digital Officer, Jack believes his part of the business should be responsible for finding tech solutions that make Lush (and the wider world) a better, fairer and more sustainable place. “I’m all about finding tech solutions for real-world problems, staying true to the internet’s open-source roots and fighting for digital rights. If we can put a marker in the sand and strive to be better hopefully the rest of the market – and then the world – will follow suit.”

Matt Sullivan, Managing Director of BIMA said: “Finding and inducting people to the Hall of Fame is one of the most challenging things to do. There are a lot of people out there doing a lot of great things, but we try hard to find people that really represent the values of BIMA. This year, it was decided that out of the many names put forward Amy Kean and Jack Constantine fit the bill perfectly. Both work for very different organisations, but both represent a true voice for change in their own way. You can’t work in our industry (and use LinkedIn) and fail to see what a powerful voice for change Amy has become. Jack, on the other hand, has a huge brand at his fingertips but has still managed to make bold game changing decision. Both always acting in the belief that there is a better way to work and treat people.”

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