iOS 14 vs Facebook Advertising – What you need to know

By Hitsearch
12 Jan 2021

Why are Facebook and Instagram marketers worried about Apple’s iOS 14 app permission changes?

iOS 14 might already be out there, but the full impact of the permission changes for apps is expected to be some months off. Facebook have prepared marketers for up to a 60% drop in sales as a result of the new ‘opt-in’ approach for tracking permissions within apps, which could be a significant chunk of revenue for many businesses. 

It isn’t all about the bottom line either. The changes mean that managing ads via Facebook and Instagram, as well as any Audience Network placements, could need some major changes, and the data you’ll get back on performance will be much more limited than before. 

Find out what we believe that iOS 14 will mean for Facebook Advertising and how businesses can best prepare to minimise the negative impact they’ll see.


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