Inside the BIMA Internship Programme: Gabriella Hall

By Gabriella Hall
12 Oct 2023

Hi there! My name is Gabriella Hall and I am one of the four interns partaking in the BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme.

Participating within an internship programme can be nerve-wracking but extremely rewarding; they present a unique blend of challenges and opportunities for personal development and growth, aiding the transition from academia to professional life. Having graduated in Fine Art Painting amidst the pandemic, I found myself at a crossroads, uncertain how to enter workplace. I dipped my toe in freelancing from practising graphic design, facilitating creative workshops, and marketing myself as an artist. Although, I wanted to continue learning and be part of a collaborative environment, something I felt I missed out on during my time at university.

I came across the BIMA Next Generation programme whilst completing a short course at Brighton MET. My tutor encouraged me to apply, recognising the common self-doubt many pandemic graduates experience! I was immediately drawn to this opportunity as it offered a comprehensive entry into the digital industry and multiple learning opportunities, all while providing that essential exposure; after a successful assessment day and interview, I gained a place within the programme. With my third placement coming to an end, I can say that my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Each agency has fuelled my passion for all things digital and equipped me with a myriad of skills, which will undoubtedly shape my future career.

As of now, I have completed placements at Alirity, Seed and will be finishing up with Jollywise soon. My final placement in the line-up being Anything Is Possible; all diverse and distinctive agencies with varying specialisms. At my first placement with Alirity, I was part of a collaborative team delivering a client brief where I conducted market and user research whilst advancing in personal development in project management. A stark contrast to Seed, a digital marketing agency focusing on PPC and SEO services. During my time there, I learnt about the logistics of Google Ads while handling design requests and content writing for their clients. Which brings us to Jollywise, a digital production company specialising in children’s entertainment. Where I am currently rotating across the various departments, gaining valuable insights into their creative process.

Despite the differences in operations and services among these placements, they all share a commonality – they have consistently gone the extra mile to create a welcoming environment for me and offer unique learning opportunities. Since I come from a creative background, I was concerned I would feel creatively restricted. However, each placement has tailored briefs according to my interests as well as challenge me to explore new areas of interest. A personal highlight for me, has been creating visual assets and documents intended for use even after my departure from each placement. Witnessing my work continue to be utilised is truly gratifying and a testament in itself! During my time at Alirity, I was tasked with creating engaging and visually appealing graphics to supplement case studies. The project not only honed my design skills within Adobe but refined my ability to adopt brand guidelines and create tailored content. In my other placements I had the opportunity to learn and utilise new software, something I had intended to do for a while, but now had the compelling reason to do so. At Seed, I delved into crafting new branding presentations using Figma, honing a skill I’d been eager to develop. Moreover, at Jollywise I have created a short video detailing the gameplay of ‘Malory Towers: A Year in the Life’, a recent and remarkable project of theirs. This endeavour provided an exciting challenge, allowing me to enhance my proficiency in video editing, a skill I hadn’t actively used since my foundation diploma.

Perfectionism and efficient time management have always posed as personal challenges, especially during this programme. There were instances when I burnt the midnight oil, whilst I navigated finding the right balance between project demands, meetings, and personal growth- a balance I aim to fine tune throughout the remainder of my internship. Although, the nature of this programme has been demanding; just as you begin to acclimate to one work environment, it’s time to transition to the next placement! Nevertheless, a constant and enjoyable aspect has been the weekly check-ins from BIMA and the other interns, where we share our ongoing projects and experiences. At times, the responsibility of being an intern and completing client work was slightly overwhelming. Despite the initial daunting nature of the experience, it ultimately instilled confidence, reaffirming my ability to rise to the occasion and make valuable contributions. Nevertheless, each placement has seamlessly integrated me into their workplace, making me feel valued from the start. From Alirity, to Seed or now at Jollywise, colleagues have consistently welcomed me into their collaborative processes, encouraged my input and provided constructive feedback, nurturing an inclusive atmosphere. This opportunity is ideal for curious individuals, particularly beneficial for recent graduates like me, who are interested in the digital industry and looking for a comprehensive introduction. Anyone looking to broaden their skill set and gain practical hands-on experience across digital disciplines with a keen interest in digital marketing, project management and content creation would greatly benefit from this programme. I look forward to my upcoming placement at Anything Is Possible next month, although, just like with all the previous placements I am sad to say goodbye to Jollywise!

Many thanks to BIMA for providing this opportunity and fostering an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. I’m looking forward to the possibilities this programme may bring.


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