How to make innovation culture your engine of growth

By Supercharge
10 Jun 2020

From the very foundation of our company, Supercharge was built on the idea of a better way to create digital products. We simply took this core idea and turned it into service. Nearly a decade later, Supercharge is a 100+ strong digital innovation agency. It’s a place where we come up with new and better ways of using digital for the good of our client’s business and their customers. And of course, it’s a place where we turn these ideas into reality.

But how does one exactly get people to constantly come up with new and better ways of doing things? We can only speak of our way – as we are sure there are many other avenues to put innovation at the heart of an organisation – and for us, processes and frameworks weren’t enough. We had to go deeper.

Innovation has been a core part of our founding story, so it was only natural that we decided to embed it into the cultural DNA of the company.

We believe that this is the single most efficient way of making sure that everyone, on every team, comes to work with an open, creative mind. Thus very early on, we decided to commit ourselves to 3+1 principles that form the core of our innovation culture. Check out our story and learn more about the principles that we’ve built our innovation culture on. 


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