How law firms can leverage their key people to boost their wider marketing effectiveness

By Hitsearch
19 Feb 2021

With COVID-19 having accelerated the transformation for many law firms to more digital than traditional marketing methods, we look at seven ways in which legal businesses can utilise the experts that already work for them to benefit the wider strategy.

·         Education – For the lawyers involved and the wider business – how important this could be for the firm as a whole, as well as the individual specialists

·         Blogs – Utilising thought leadership on your own site and aligning this with your law firm SEO marketing strategy

·         Creative content marketing – Generating creative assets that help your experts’ content stand out and make it more shareable

·         Guest posts – Creating and leveraging content that is of value to the wider legal sector as well as your own clients

·         Social media amplification – to help the expert content reach it’s full potential

·         Webinars – Turning the expert content into another useful form using minimum resource for maximum benefit

·         Measurement – How to best measure the success of your lawyer marketing activity

These steps can help take your law firm marketing strategy to the next level, with minimal resource required to leverage the expertise that you already have within the business. 


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