Hello, lovely person

By Tom Keeping
06 Jan 2016

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You look beautiful today.

If we haven’t had a chance to talk yet, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tom Keeping.

If we have, I’m afraid I’m still Tom Keeping. I haven’t quite mastered that trick yet.

Seven months ago, I was sat in my apartment sipping a biscuit and biting into a cup of tea (wait a sec, still getting used to this blogging malarkey), contemplating my next steps. Albeit for 30 seconds, as hesitation is not my forte. The leap I was about to take was possibly a daunting one. I couldn’t decide.

I started life in this rambunctious industry at sixteen, four years ago, with £300.

My family never had much money. That didn’t stop us from packing all of our belongings into a handmade trailer and driving across Europe to live in a small village on a mountain in Bulgaria when I was fourteen though (that’s a story for our second date). It did, however, mean that I was tasked with setting up my business with nothing more than my rather small bank balance and my rather large amount of excitement for what was ahead.

When I look back, my corner desk at nine was only a plastic toolbox in the corner of our lounge – but it was nevertheless a corner desk. The path that I am currently on seems to me to be destiny.

The leap that I was so elegantly deliberating whilst gnawing on my mug seven months ago, was Paul. My first employee.

In June 2015, my office was ready and Paul joined the team. BOOM! (sorry, I think I might have just got a bit of spit on your forehead). My leap turned into flight. From June to December, we grew to six people and moved into office space seven times larger, and seven times higher.

The fact that we form friendships with our clients through proven bonding methods (such as a shared love of beautiful things that work) seemed to bode well for us and before we knew it, we had over two-hundred websites on our portfolio.

Over the last few months, we have increased a client’s monthly turnover from £49,000 to over £100,000 within two months of launching their new site, and we are currently helping a beautiful project called Jurassica to raise £100,000,000.

That’s just me getting started.

I write to you today looking across Bournemouth from floor seven of Avalon, as the sun slowly consumes the Isle of Wight, with a massive smile on my face and a buzz of anticipation running through my veins for what the next six months hold. Big things are happening.

The first of which is our name change. “The Trusted Word” has been outgrown and I am very happy to introduce “Keeping&Co.” to the world.

Say hello, Keeping&Co.

“Hello, lovely person.”


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