Guide to accessible content

By Kate Jones
07 Feb 2024

Accessibility is doing the right thing for your audience and your business.  Web accessibility is ultimately about people. Technically, it’s designing and building websites so people with disabilities can use them. What we’re really talking about is removing barriers that might stop any person from using your website.

Accessibility-thinking shouldn’t end once your website goes live. The content of your website — text, images, video, audio — is just as important for accessibility as the framework in which it is presented.

Our guide to accessible content provides tips, and links to more detailed information, to help you make sure that your content is as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

We cover:

– Text content
– Links
– Images and alternative text
– Audio and video content
– Animations
– Iframes
– Colour contrast
– Tables
– Files and documents

Read our guide to accessible content or discover more about our approach to accessibility on the Studio 24 website. 

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