Girl Geek Bootcamp in Liverpool: Week 5

01 Jul 2016

The Girl Geek Bootcamp isn’t over yet! Tuesday’s session; A day in the life of was a session for Enterprise and the work place. The 10 bootcampers were taken to four digital and creative offices in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle so that the girls could experience what an office space within this sector looks like.

Chelsea from LGG explains “We felt that this session was absolutely necessary and was one of the first things we wanted to incorporate in the planning of the bootcamp. There’s never been a chance for a 12 – 14 year olds to step into the workplace and we knew we could make this happen”

First the girls were taken to Agent Marketing one of Liverpool’s largest marketing agencies. They sat down for a 15 minute workshop around the values of what makes a business like this work. Next they went to Citrus Suite, a creative digital and app studio who are currently working with Disney on a fitness app. We then made the short walk to Elevator Studios, home to gaming company Ripstone where the girls got a tour of their offices and played on some of the games they had made. Finally (and on the same floor) we went to VTime, the first virtual reality social network owned by Liverpool tech company Starship. This is where the girls got to have another go at virtual reality.

One of our aims after the bootcamp is to find the girls a one day placement at some of Liverpool’s most creative agencies. We are hoping that after this session they will feel ready to spend a whole day on a project with various people in the team and come out feeling even more confident than they do today.

Next week is our final week and awards ceremony where we invite you to come and celebrate what the girls have achieved.


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