Girl Geek Bootcamp in Liverpool: Week 2

10 Jun 2016

Session 2 at the Girl Geek Bootcamp was called #NotJustForBoys, which was a session all about role models – something that we’ve found is so important for girls and women to find not only within the technology industry but in life.

The session involved a number of female speakers talking to the 10 girls from a range of backgrounds including Design, Project Management and Science.

Zen Lewis, Liverpool Uni lecturer of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour spoke about her background, how she got there and the endless possibilities and adventures that she has encountered as a woman in the field of Science.

Next we had Flossie Hunt, project manager of the Ignite accelerator in Manchester who spoke about her passion to get not only more girls into the industry, but about the range of roles that are available; “Coding is not the only job you can get in tech”.

Finally the girls spoke with Gemma, CEO of Liverpool based design agency Well Made who started by saying “not to care about what anybody thinks of you” and went on to tell her extraordinary life story about being homeless, having children at a young age, designing TWO Arctic Monkeys albums and growing a very successful company on the way.

Some day you are going to find your passion and that passion, if you’ll let it, will find a way to get you a job Gemma, CEO, Well Made Studio

Charlotte, one of the girls taking part said “Gemma is definitely a role model, she’s so cool and confident”

This week the girls were asked to post about their role models on Instagram which have ranged from Helena Bonham Carter to Hayley Williams to Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man. These girls are the future and we cannot wait to have them back next week!

Next week’s session is all about future technology. Come back to find out what they get up to!

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