Girl Geek Bootcamp in Liverpool: week 1

08 Jun 2016

Liverpool Girl Geeks co-founder, Chelsea Slater, shares an update from the happenings at Girl Geek Bootcamp.

On Tuesday 31st of May Liverpool Girl Geeks launched their Girl Geek Bootcamp which was created for girls from the ages of 12-14 to embrace technology and discover how and what careers there are to choose from.

The pilot which will run for 6 weeks is being held at the digital and technology school; The Studio in Liverpool.

Session 1 #FindYourYou was a session focusing on confidence, something that is extremely important when considering a role in the industry. 10 girls were handpicked to attend and were introduced to a number of activities that taught them how to be more confident, how to speak in front of an audience, how to identify their skills and how to thrive within the sector. The first half of the session was Hula Hooping. Liverpool Girl Geek co-founder Chelsea said “We chose a fun activity that would energise the girls first, we wanted them to make friends with their peers and take part in a team building activity”. The second half of the session was led by Amanda, head of digital operations at Amaze who had analysed the girls from the first half of the session to see who was the most confident, who was the best listener and who was the most distracted. This gave her a good idea as to how to run the session where she got them to stand up and talk in front of the group.

“Amanda’s session was incredible, especially after they’d done some team team building. Amanda got them to identify 3 things about the other person and then encouraged them to think about someone that might be confident, whether that was a celebrity or someone in their family and then taught them that that is who they should aspire to be like.”

The girls are also encouraged to set up a private instagram account and ‘micro-blog’ about their sessions each week. They’re given a task to reflect what they have learnt so that Liverpool Girl Geeks can interact and see what they are achieving whilst their at home or in school. This tool will also encourage further engagement when the bootcamp has finished.

We are so proud of the girls and their efforts, we can tell we’ve got some future tech innovators already. Rebecca, Co-founder

The next session #NotJustForBoys will focus on role models and will be located in the Studio School’s theatre!

Come back next week for another update.


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