Framer: Bridging the Gap in Web Design

By Codehouse
23 Jul 2020

In the early days of UI design, digital pioneers scrambled for an applicable tool to use. Naturally, having come from some element of graphic design, the easiest fallback was to use a tool they were already familiar with, and the then limited Adobe Creative Suite, now Creative Cloud, was selected as the tool of choice.

While some designers used Illustrator or InDesign (with its framing of images being a more faithful interpretation of design), most relied on Photoshop. The latter, being a tool specifically for photo manipulation, was initially grossly inept for its new role. But it progressively improved. With Smart Layers and the fantastic “Preview CC”, this mobile application was the first interpretation of the now-standard way of previewing mobile-specific designs on an actual device.

However, it still was extremely cumbersome, slow, but most problematic thing of all was its handling of large file sizes. Designers faced many instances where developers waited patiently for a particularly large project to open, only for it to frustratingly crash their system.

Framer as a design tool has been around for many years now but the recently launched web version is what we’re going to be profiling. 

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