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10 Aug 2020

BIMA launches new Freelance Directory

With your help, we want to make the new BIMA Freelance Directory one of our most valued resources.

The new Freelance Directory puts the power of our community to work. Agencies and brands that need real expertise but don’t want to recruit right now can find the experience they need simply. Freelancers who need to broaden their reach now have an easy way of doing it. And because everyone’s a BIMA member, you already have a connection and an understanding of the sort of people you’ll be working with.

Skills on tap

Our freelancers cover virtually every part of the digital skills landscape, from client services to coaching, consultancy to creative. And they’re spread liberally across the UK so, if geography matters, you can search for a freelancer in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester and plenty of points in between.

Supporting our members

We know there are lots of places you could search for freelance talent. But between them, BIMA’s freelancers boast an astonishing level of capability and achievement so it really makes sense to make the directory your first port of call.

In many ways, we’re simply formalising arrangements lots of you already have. One of the advantages of BIMA is the ability to use the connections you’ve made at our events to bring new skills in-house. The directory just makes it easier to find those skills.

The directory is new and over the coming months we’ll be developing it further, ensuring more of our freelance members are on it, expanding the available information and ensuring that, long after the pandemic is done, it remains one of our members’ most valued resources. Give it a go now…

Search the BIMA Freelance Directory.


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