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Don’t mind the gap, mend it!

SHIMA: Aiming to mobilise BIMA members to ‘mend the gap’ and overcome gender and other equality gaps, creating inclusive workplaces and increase business performance for everyone.

To support women in business, digital and tech; BIMA is hosting an online conversation with its women members, those who identify as women, and women allies.

Women’s careers are frequently impacted by challenges related to reproductive health, including issues like fertility treatments, maternity leave, and menopause. But there is a gap between leadership’s knowledge on how to support reproductive health in the workplace, and the comfort to discuss these issues at work.

During this Power Hour we will be delivering the results from the recent ‘Male Allyship’ BIMA x HeyFlow survey (which can also be found here), learning about the realities of reproductive health in the workplace and its effect on women’s careers, and what we can do about it.

  • 56% of male leaders want to take a more proactive role in supporting women in the workplace
  • 64% of companies feel like they are doing enough to support women in the workplace but only 30% have a strategy in place to achieve gender balance
  • 74% of leaders don’t feel equipped to support a team member suffering from menopausal symptoms.

We’ll report back on steps we’ve taken since our last session and host a conversation about how we might be stronger together. This interactive format will involve breakout groups and reporting back.

HeyFlow is an insights & learning start-up that helps employers understand their female workforce better through insight-driven data analysis and training centered around reproductive health and the implications on the retention of women in the workplace.

MotherBoard, is a not-for-profit Business Charter & Community that is driving tangible change for women working in the tech industry by tackling the 50% of women who leave the tech industry by age 35, largely due to motherhood.


Sophie Creese, Co-Founder of HeyFlow & MotherBoard

Sophie Creese is the Co-Founder of mission-led organisations MotherBoard & HeyFlow, both of which are driving positive change for gender equity at work. A gender equity activist, public speaker and women at work expert.

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Nick Dean, Co-Founder of HeyFlow

Nick Dean is the Co-Founder of HeyFlow and MotherBoard. Widely recognized for his commitment to the principles of social and environmental responsibility, Nick is an experienced speaker and panellist, passionately advocating for male allyship and championing gender equity.

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Thu, 22 Feb 2024
11:00 - 12:00


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