GreenTech Gathering – 18th July 2024

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West Yorkshire has the fastest growing digital sector, with aims to make Leeds the UK’s First Net Zero City. To set the pace of our region’s sustainability journey and progress towards carbon neutrality, the GreenTech Gathering is a relaxed and informal networking opportunity that brings together like-minded individuals and organisations in Yorkshire’s GreenTech community to connect in person, share knowledge and collaborate.

Featuring a 20-minute industry speaker and a 15-minute community spotlight, you’ll be able to hear from industry pioneers and thought leaders tackling some of the biggest questions we all have about the industry.

Connect 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽
Meet experts, hear from industry leaders and collaborate across entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Share 🧠
Gain access to knowledge, insight and ideas from a community committed to developing technologies that lower emissions and improve our environment.

Leverage innovation to deliver impactful action and set the pace in defining the future of Green Technology.

What To Expect? 💭

  • Networking with industry experts, change makers and leaders.
  • Learn more about the latest industry innovations.
  • Free drinks and nibbles.

Guest Speaker🎤
Danielle Heward, Founder & Director @ Optimo

Optimo’s mission is to create a better world by optimising the operations of every organisation working for environmental and social change. If their overall output increases, we believe their impact will be greater too. Danielle will be talking on the topic of “From Why to How” where they share Optimo’s B-Corp journey and some practical advice on what businesses can do to think leaner and greener at the same time.

Community Spotlight 🎤
Dr Zoe Detko, Founder @ Ardea Eco-innovation

Ardea Eco-Innovation helps organisations to develop and implement emissions reduction and sustainability strategies, with the goal of Net Zero. Their services include carbon accounting, training, conducting data analysis for environmental claims validation, and identifying novel market applications. Dr Detko will be talking on the topic of “Finding the Benefits in Inconvenience”. You already know that reducing emissions will benefit your business in many different ways. But it’s at the point of inconvenience that we start to make a real difference. So how can we reveal the untapped potential waiting within the inconvenience?

Our Partners
Proudly sponsored by Optimo & AD:VENTURE


Thu, 18 Jul 2024
17:30 - 20:30


Sedulo, The Ambler Club, St. Paul,

Sedulo, The Ambler Club, St. Paul’s House, 23 Park Square S, Leeds, LS1 2ND



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