BIMA Hangout | Increase your Conversion Rate Without being “Too Sales-y”

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Join us at the next BIMA Hangout on conversion rates.

We’ll give you the tactics you need to build meaningful connections with prospects – but without the worry of coming across as a pushy salesperson.

Business development is hard work – and people have never been more skeptical about sales messages and approaches.

As agency leaders, we need to use every technique at our disposal to engage with ideal clients, and show them how our service or product can genuinely help them.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What’s really keeping your conversion rate where it is, and why you don’t need the hard sell to improve it
  • A repeatable pipeline-filling formula (that reduces tire-kickers!)
  • How to reach out to prospects in a way that’s relatable, authentic and is sure to capture their interest the moment your message lands
    …and much more besides.

    This session is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a founder with limited time who has to wear many hats – and new business is one of them!
  • You’re a Commercial Director who’s looking for a way to give their sales and marketing team that extra edge
  • You’re a business development lead with ambitious 2024 targets, who wants to achieve that next level in their performance

Join us and give yourself the best chance of winning new business in a competitive agency landscape this year!

Caroline Canty, Founder and Director, Craft Coaching

Caroline Canty is the Founder and Director of Craft Coaching, and a business coach who specialises in the tech and digital sector. She supports ambitious business owners in getting the most out of their teams and resource, helping them to sell and go to market more effectively, and improving their results in competitive B2B markets. She’s passionate about leadership and management, helping teams to develop high-performance mindsets whilst fostering a supportive “coaching culture” within the businesses she works with.

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Wed, 13 Mar 2024
10:00 - 11:00


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